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Publishing API: Admin tasks

This is a place to list all of the admin tasks available in Publishing API.

Discarding drafts

If you need to discard a draft of a document, run the discard_draft rake task:

bundle exec rake discard_draft['some-content-id']

Representing data downstream

Sometimes you need to re-send content to the Content Store to ensure consistency.

The following tasks will allow you to specify which content items/editions to add to the queue that updates the Content Store.

  • Represent all editions downstream
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:all

N.B. This task will take several hours and should be used with caution.

  • Represent downstream for a specific document_type
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:document_type['a-document-type']
  • Represent downstream for a rendering application
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:rendering_app['application-name']
  • Represent downstream for a publishing application
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:publishing_app['application-name']
  • Represent downstream content which has at least one link of type taxon
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:tagged_to_taxon
  • Represent an individual edition downstream
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:content_id['some-content-id']
  • Represent an individual edition downstream via the high priority queue
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:high_priority:content_id['some-content-id']
  • Represent multiple editions downstream
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:content_id['some-content-id some-other-content-id']
  • Represent multiple editions downstream via the high priority queue
bundle exec rake represent_downstream:high_priority:content_id['some-content-id some-other-content-id']

N.B. The content ids are separated by a space.

The expanded-links endpoint defaults to accessing denormalised data stored in the database. If there are reasons that this is now out of sync or data is missing you can populate it with a couple of rake commands.

It will also be rebuilt any time a piece of content is represented downstream.

  • To populate every document (this will take a long time - hours)
bundle exec rake expanded_links:populate
  • To populate every document of a document_type
bundle exec rake expanded_links:populate_by_document_type['document-type']
  • To purge the expanded links cache
bundle exec rake expanded_links:truncate