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Whitehall is primarily a publishing application but it also provides an API used by some applications. This API is public and is served under

Whitehall is not the only application to provide APIs under this path. For example, /api/content is served by Content API and /api/search.json is served by Rummager. This Nginx file configures this behaviour.


/api/governments (no client available)

Lists governments from newest to oldest. Includes title, start and end dates.

/api/governments/:id (no client available)

Shows the details for a single government.

/api/organisations (client)

Lists organisations. Includes title, status and relationships to other orgs.

/api/organisations/:slug (client)

Shows the details for a single organisation.

/api/world-locations (client)

Lists world locations. Includes title, web URL and country code.

/api/world-locations/:slug (client)

Shows the details for a single world location.

/api/world-locations/:slug/organisations (client)

Lists worldwide organisations relating to a world location. Includes embassies, departments, sponsor organisations and details for offices such as addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

/api/worldwide-organisations/:slug (no client available)

Shows the details for a single worldwide organisation.


Please add your application to this list if you’re using the API.

There was an incident where some code was removed because these dependencies weren’t known.