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Application: collections-publisher

Publishes step by steps, /browse pages, and legacy /topic pages on GOV.UK

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Continuously deployed?
Rake tasks
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Imported documents

Example pages published by collections-publisher


The Collections Publisher publishes:

These pages are then served by the collections app.

Screenshot of Collections Publisher

Live examples


See the README of collections frontend.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application for internal use by GDS and some departmental editors.

It has these features:

  • Creating & editing topics and mainstream browse pages.
  • Creating & editing step by step navigation pages, and where they are used as sidebar and sticky navigation.
  • Curate the pages tagged to a topic or browse page into “curated lists”. This means they’ll be displayed in a group with a title. By default, the links are not curated and will appear with a ‘A-Z’ heading.
  • Curating, and editing coronavirus pages.

Screenshot of curated and non-curated pages

Left, a curated mainstream browse page, right, an uncurated browse page.

Screenshot of a step by step navigation page

Example of a step by step navigation page.

Screenshot of step by step navigation sidebar

Example of step by step navigation used as sidebar navigation for one of the primary pages.

This application uses the sidekiq message queue for background work (mainly publishing to the Publishing API).


  • alphagov/publishing-api -
    • used for the publishing workflow of mainstream_browse_pages, topics, curated lists and step_by_step_pages.
    • Publishing API sends data onto Rummager for search indexing topic, mainstream_browse_page and step_by_step_page pages.

Running the test suite

The test suite includes testing against govuk-content-schemas, so you will need a copy of this repo on your file system. By default this should be in a sibling directory to your project. Alternatively, you can specify their location with the GOVUK_CONTENT_SCHEMAS_PATH environment variable.

To run the test suite:

bundle exec rake


MIT License