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Application: content-tagger

Tool to tag content and manage the taxonomy on GOV.UK


#govuk-platform-health owns the application and is responsible for updating its dependencies.


The production version of this application is hosted on Carrenza.

SSH Access (Carrenza & AWS)

This application lives on backend machines in Carrenza.

gds govuk connect ssh -e staging carrenza/backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e production carrenza/backend

This application lives on backend machines on the integration environment in AWS.

gds govuk connect ssh -e integration backend

Run a rake task

Relevant manual pages

Example pages published by content-tagger


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Content Tagger is the publishing application for the Topic Taxonomy on
GOV.UK. It also provides some functionality for tagging content in

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application. It stores some data in a
PostgreSQL database, but for managing taxons and tagging content, it
interacts with the Publishing API.


Users need to have either the GDS Editor or the Tagathon
permission to access this application.

  • GDS Editor users will have full unrestricted access to the GOV.UK taxonomy and navigation tools
  • Tagathon participant users have restricted access to the Tagathon Project bulk tagger and analytics tools

Running the application locally

For the purposes of local development, it’s easiest to run this in a
Rails console locally to give yourself admin access to the

User.first.update permissions: ["signin", "GDS Editor"]

Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rspec


Managing the Topic Taxonomy

Content Tagger can create, edit and unpublish taxons. It also can view
the content tagged to a taxon, and how this has changed over time.

Read How the topic taxonomy works.

Tagging content

Content Tagger has a “Projects” function for tagging content in bulk
to the Topic Taxonomy. It also supports tagging individual pages.


Tagging content

Tagging content



Education taxon

Education taxon

Bubbles visualisation

Bubbles visualisation

List visualisation

List visualisation

Editing a taxon

Editing a taxon

Tagging projects

Tagging projects



MIT License