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Application: transition

Managing redirects for sites moving to GOV.UK.


#govuk-platform-health owns the application and is responsible for updating its dependencies.


The production version of this application is hosted on AWS.

SSH Access (AWS)

gds govuk connect ssh -e integration backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e staging aws/backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e production aws/backend

Run a rake task

Relevant manual pages


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Rails app for managing the transition of websites to GOV.UK. Specifically, it's for the production of and handling of mappings for use with Bouncer.


  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL 9.3+ (the app uses materialized views, which were introduced in 9.3). This is included in the Trusty dev VM, which is now the default.

Running the app

The web application itself is run like any other Rails app, for example:

script/rails s

In development, you can run sidekiq to process background jobs:

bundle exec sidekiq -C config/sidekiq.yml

Style guide

Available at /style, the guide documents how transition is using bootstrap, where the app has diverged from default styles and any custom styles needed to fill in the gaps.