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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert

Email alerts not sent

There is a check to verify that emails are sent for drug and medical device alerts and travel advice updates. These checks are run via Jenkins: Drug and medical device alerts check and Travel advice alerts check.

If a check fails:

  • You can inspect the console logs for the Jenkins job to confirm the reason for the failure.
  • You can check the mailbox that is used for the check to rule out an issue searching for the message. We have an email address which is subscribed to travel advice alerts and drug and medical device alerts. The credentials for this account is in the 2nd line password store under google-accounts/
  • You can check whether the email was sent to the courtesy copies google group - presence here doesn’t mean that the email was sent to users, just that Email Alert API processed the content change.
  • You can investigate further whether the email was sent by accessing the Email Alert API console.
    • ContentChange.where(content_id: "<items-content-id>") to look up the content changes Email Alert API has received for a particular content-id
    • Given a particular content change you can monitor whether this should have been sent to people by querying SubscriptionContent.where(content_change: <your_content_change>) to look up the email data directly
    • You can look up emails sending or sent to a particular address with Email.where(address: "<address>")
    • You can find unprocessed content changes and check whether the content change for the failed alert is in the list of affected content changes
    • If you find the content change has not been processed, check the number of subscription contents built for the content change a few times (the number should increase)
    • If the number of subscription contents is not increasing, it is possible the sidekiq job has terminated ungracefully. You can resend the content change. This will ignore any that have already gone out so it is safe to execute

Resending travel advice emails

If you need to force the sending of a travel advice email alert, there is a rake task in Travel Advice Publisher, which you can run using this Jenkins job where the edition ID of the travel advice content item can be found in the URL of the country’s edit page in Travel Advice Publisher and looks like fedc13e231ccd7d63e1abf65.

More about Icinga alerts

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