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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert

rkhunter warnings

rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is software installed on our machines to detect potential rootkits and exploits. rkhunter runs every morning across our machines.

In most cases you could verify that the warning is something we expect to be happening on our machines and then acknowledge it.

If we miss the schedule on Integration (e.g. if Jenkins doesn’t start the servers up on time), we get a ‘freshness threshold’ warning for each machine. It’s possible to resolve this across all machines in an environment by running rkhunter via a Fabric script, e.g.:

fab integration all rkhunter

If this encounters an error while running, it’s useful to continue running rkhunter only on those machines that are still reporting this warning.:

fab integration vm.nagios.loadhosts:rkhunter rkhunter

If the warning shows rkhunter definitions not updated, then you need to update the definitions.:

fab integration all rkhunter.update

More about Icinga alerts

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