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Attachment backups

We sync all the data to two S3 buckets:

  • from asset-slave-1.backend using Duplicity
  • from asset-slave-2.backend using s3cmd

See the offsite backups alert page for information on how to check the status of the backups and rerun the backup job.

Data can also be restored from backups using Duplicity.

Note: Asset Manager now also stores the asset files as objects in an S3 bucket (i.e. govuk-assets-production in production) and instructs Nginx to proxy requests to them. Thus the Asset Manager portion of the NFS mount is now largely redundant and the files on it will shortly be removed. Versioning is enabled on the S3 bucket and it is replicated to another versioned S3 bucket (i.e. govuk-assets-backup-production in production) in another AWS region.

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