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Editing Users for a Publisher

It’s become difficult to access the CKAN version of the management page for a publisher. To work around this:

  1. Login as the 2ndline user (password in govuk-secrets)
  2. Go to
  3. Use the select box to find the publisher
  4. Path becomes e.g. /data/report/publisher-resources/cambridge-city-council
  5. Replace /data/report/publisher-resources/' with/publisher/`
  6. Click the ‘Edit user permissions’ link on the right
  7. Use the autocomplete to find the user to add (or make any other changes)

Resurrecting Deleted Users

Previously deleted users seem to be able to recreate their account, but CKAN still thinks they’re deleted. Fix:

co@prod3 ~ () $

psql ckan

select * from "user" where email='...';
update "user" set state='active' where email='...';

See data-gov-uk-support for details about how to login to the prod machine, which is a mandatory pairing zone.

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