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Migrating data between CKAN instances

Accessing CKAN

In order to transfer data between CKAN instances, it is required to dump the CKAN database, reload into a new instance then perform the data migration.

Dumping data

Log into the Bytemark production machine and dump the database:

ssh pg_dump ckan > ckan_dump.sql

Log into the new machine in the correct environment and copy the file using SCP:

scp /some/local/directory

Load the database dump into the new environment:

sudo -u postgres psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE ckan;'
sudo -u postgres psql ckan -f /some/local/directory/ckan_dump.sql

Data schema migration

The data schema and models for the two CKAN instances do not match. Therefore a conversion is required to allow the dump to be used with the new CKAN installation. Scripts are available in ckanext-datagovuk to enable this.

Data models

The changes to the models are included in a single SQL migration script. This modifies the data to make it compatible with changes made in the new DGU instance of CKAN. It also removes non-publishing users and some deprecated features, such as tags.

sudo -u postgres psql ckan -f /path/to/ckanext-datagovuk/migrations/001_bytemark_to_govuk.sql

All sysadmin users will be demoted when running this migration. They must be promoted again after the migration is complete. This is to ensure only relevant people are given sysadmin access on the new system.

Database schema

CKAN provides a paster script to upgrade the database schema. This should be run after the data models have been updated.

paster db upgrade -c $CKAN_INI
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