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Remove an asset

If you need to remove an asset manually from, follow these steps:

  1. ssh asset-master-1.production
  2. sudo find / -name some-asset.pdf (this may take some time)
  3. sudo rm /mnt/uploads/asset-manager/assets/.../some-asset.pdf
  4. ssh backend-1.production
  5. govuk_app_console asset-manager
  6. asset = Asset.find("asset-id-from-url") (e.g. 57a9c52b40f0b608a700000a) or for a Whitehall asset asset = WhitehallAsset.find_by(legacy_url_path: '/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/id/path.extension')
  7. Check the asset is what you think it is and delete: asset.destroy
  8. Navigate to your local fabric-scripts directory
  9. fab production class:cache cdn.purge_all:'/media/.../some-asset.pdf
  10. Check that the asset responds with a 404
  11. Request removal of the asset using the Google Search Console

* Note: You might need to look at the timestamps or other information to figure out which records to delete if two assets share the same filename.

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