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Last updated: 18 Apr 2023

Remove invalid WorldwideOrganisation draft CorporateInformationPages

A CorporateInformationPage is a Whitehall document that is attached to Organisation and WorldwideOrganisation models. For Organisations, it is accessed as the organisations /about page.

For WorldwideOrganisations, this document is presented directly on the organisation’s home page. As there is not a distinct page to visit directly, Whitehall can send a CorporateInformationPage to the Publishing API with the same base_path as the associated WorldwideOrganisation.

This can cause invalid drafts to be present in Publishing API, and may throw:

GdsApi::HTTPUnprocessableEntity (Admin::WorldwideOfficesController)

Whilst these invalid drafts are present users are unable to make any further edits.

A rake task exists in Publishing API that will clear the invalid drafts.

$ bundle exec rake 'data_hygiene:remove_invalid_worldorg_drafts'