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2nd line

Manage product support tickets (Zendesk)

2nd line Zendesk tickets are technical errors reported by our users, including government publishers and should be trusted by default. Any questions on the legitimacy or urgency of a ticket should be deferred to the delivery manager.

We have the following Service Level Agreements:

  • 80% of tickets get a first reply to the ticket within 2 working days
  • 80% of general enquiries (public tickets) resolved within 5 working days
  • 70% of department tickets are closed within 5 working days

Always try to give the requester a first reply when you pick up and review a ticket, even if it’s simply to say that it’s being looked into. An update to the user may also be useful if there is a long internal thread.

Internal notes

Internal notes help provide useful context if you’re actively working on the ticket with other people. It’s also important to leave an internal note if you are:

  1. Passing the ticket over to another Zendesk queue
  2. Handing the ticket over to the next 2nd line crew
  3. Please note that departments can see internal notes.

Include the following information:

  1. A summary of what the user is asking for
  2. What investigation you’ve done / fixes you’ve tried
  3. Why you’re passing it over
  4. Any recommendations of what to do next

General rule of thumb: don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to someone publicly.

The different Zendesk priorities

  • Tickets in ‘High’ have been triaged by 2nd line to work on.
  • Tickets in ‘Normal’ are new tickets / tickets pending further information before we can start work on it.
  • Tickets in ‘Low’ have been triaged by 2nd line for GOV.UK product managers to review.

How to prioritise Zendesk tickets

  1. Review tickets in the ‘normal’ queue and triage any that are not awaiting further information.
    1. For each new ticket being triaged respond to the sender to inform them that:
    2. You’ve passed it on to the product managers (‘low’ - ‘open’)
    3. You need more information from them (‘normal’ - ‘pending’)
    4. We’re going to be working on it (‘high’ - ‘open’)
  2. Work on solving ‘Open tickets’ in the ‘high’ priority queue, starting with the oldest by date.
    1. If external assistance from outside 2nd line is required then assign it to them on the ticket and move on to the next ticket (keep the ticket in the 2nd line queue)
    2. If you’re working on a long-running ticket, let your 2nd line crew know so they can keep an eye on the alerts.
  3. Apply the set macro: ‘GOV.UK 2nd line tech:pending for 5+ days’ to close tickets in ‘Normal’ and ‘High’ that have been 'pending’ a response for more than 5 days.
  4. If the volume of Zendesk tickets is overwhelming, talk to the delivery manager or a senior tech member for assistance.
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