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Monitor sidekiq queues for your application

Sidekiq comes with a web application, Sidekiq::Web that can display the current state of a Sidekiq installation. We have configured this to monitor multiple Sidekiq configurations used throughout GOV.UK.

We have restricted public access as the Web UI allows modifying the state of Sidekiq queues.

To gain access you should setup SSH port forwarding to a backend box belonging to the environment you wish to monitor when connected to the Bardeen wireless network or the VPN:

$ ssh backend-1.backend.staging -CNL 9000:

Or on AWS:

$ ssh $(ssh integration "govuk_node_list --single-node -c backend").integration -CNL 9000:

Then visit to see a list of Sidekiq configurations you can monitor.

You can also monitor Sidekiq queue lengths using this Grafana dashboard.

To view your local Sidekiq queue, go to the sidekiq-monitoring app in the vm and run ./bin/foreman start for all applications, or ./bin/foreman run <app_name> for a specific app.

Then visit:

See also: Add sidekiq-monitoring to your application.

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