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Resync a PostgreSQL standby

To resync a standby from a primary run this on the affected standby:

sudo pg_resync_slave

You will see something like this:

vagrant@postgresql-standby-1:~$ sudo pg_resync_slave
36237/36237 kB (100%), 1/1 tablespace
pg_basebackup: base backup completed
 * Stopping PostgreSQL 9.3 database server                                 [ OK ]
 * Starting PostgreSQL 9.3 database server                                 [ OK ]

You can get a quick view of postgresql’s wal by doing the following:

on a postgresql-primary: ps -ef | grep sender

on a postgresql-standby: ps -ef | grep receiver

Restarting collectd

If you are resyncing because the standby has fallen too far behind primary, you might need to restart collectd on the standby machine to resolve the incinga alerts:

sudo service collectd restart
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