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Replaying traffic to correct an out-of-sync search index

If the data in the search index is out-of-sync with the Publishing API, (for example, after restoring a backup), then any publish and unpublish messages that have not been processed need to be resent.

govuk index

Content in the govuk index is populated from the Publishing API message queue. Missing documents can be recovered by resending the content to the message queue, for example by running represent_downstream:document_type[:document_type] rake task in Publishing API.

government/detailed indexes

This will not be neccessary after whitehall content has been moved to the govuk index.

These indexes are populated by whitehall calling an HTTP API in Rummager.

We have also setup GOR logging for POST and GET requests so that we can replay the traffic.

The logs are stored on the rummager servers (1 file per server) location at:


A copy of the file should be taken for the restore, as the restore requests will be logged to the file. The following command can be used to run the restore:

$ sudo gor --input-file "20171031.log|6000%" --stats --output-http-stats --output-http "http://localhost:3009/|6000%" -verbose

This runs the restore at 60x the speed it was saved so each hour of logs takes 1 minute to process.


This process failed when running on the rummager server, but was successful when run locally with port forwarding. This may be an issue with the GOR version on the server.

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