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Many of our applications use Sidekiq for background job processing.

There’s a GOV.UK wrapper that will help you set it up.

If an alert fires a good place to start investigation is the Sidekiq monitor.

Retry logic

Sidekiq has in built retry logic (turned on by default, but configurable). We graph Sidekiq job stats: successes, failures, job timings and retry counts. These can be found under the statsd Graphite namespace. i.e.:*.workers.*.failure<app_name>.workers.<worker_name>.failure

Rummager worker data use a different namespace and can be accessed at:*.failure

Jobs do fail, this is not inherently bad and can happen for a number of reasons. When a job fails it gets retried with an exponential backoff (up to 21 days), as long as retries are enabled. A high number of retries signifies a bigger, less transient problem maybe occuring.

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