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SSH into GOV.UK servers from the VM

By default, your SSH agent is forwarded to the VM. To confirm your key has been forwarded you can run:

$ vagrant ssh # ssh onto vm
$ ssh-add -L  # list key and location on host machine

Things to check if it doesn’t work:

  • Can you SSH directly onto the jumpbox? ssh If not, check your ssh version and config.
  • Do you get a permission denied error? Make sure you’re in the user list in the govuk-secrets repo for production access, or the govuk-puppet repo for access to other environments. Alternatively, are you the correct user? If you’re in the VM you might need to specify a username (example: ssh, as ‘vagrant’ might be the default ssh username.
  • Are you connecting from outside The White Chapel Building? You’ll need to connect to the VPN first; SSH connections are restricted to the White Chapel Building IP addresses.
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