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SSH into GOV.UK servers from the VM

You will need to either forward your public key from the host machine to the VM or have your VM public key added to your user manifest.

To confirm your key has been forwarded to the development vm you can run:

$ vagrant ssh # ssh onto vm
$ ssh-add -L  # list key and location on host machine

Things to check if it doesn’t work:

  • Can you SSH directly onto the jumpbox? ssh If not, check your ssh version and config.
  • Do you get a permission denied error? Make sure you’re in the user list in the govuk-secrets repo for production access, or the [govuk-puppet repo][govuk_puppet] for access to other environments.
  • Are you connecting from outside The White Chapel Building? You’ll need to connect to the VPN first; SSH connections are restricted to the White Chapel Building IP addresses.
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