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Last updated: 6 Sep 2021

government-frontend: Visual regression tests

Use Wraith ("A responsive screenshot comparison tool") to generate a visual diff to compare rendering changes in this application. ImageMagick is needed to run the visual regression tests locally.

Compare with production

Compare development with production:

bundle exec wraith capture test/wraith/config.yaml

Compare staging with production:

bundle exec wraith capture test/wraith/config-staging-vs-production.yaml

This will generate image diffs comparing the two runs, including a browsable gallery of the output, located at shots/gallery.html.

Compare examples on master with examples on branch

Examples are referencing

With government-frontend running master on the development VM and while pointing at the dummy content store, create a set of historical screenshots using:

cd test/wraith
bundle exec wraith history test/wraith/config-examples.yaml

Then switch to your branch and create a set of screenshots to compare against using:

bundle exec wraith latest test/wraith/config-examples.yaml

Compare a document_type

A rake task has been made to make this easy, given a document_type of about

bundle exec rake wraith:document_type[about]

this will run against the 10 most popular pages as defined by the search api

Compare all document_types

bundle exec rake wraith:all_document_types[:sample_size]

This will run against the 10 (can be overidden with :sample_size) most popular pages as defined by the search api, for each known document_type in the app (see: Generate a config for known document_types and example pages).

Note: If you wish to have your own local wip configs, wip* is in the .gitignore, so as an example wip-kittens.yaml will be ignored

Generate a config for known document_types and example pages

Running the rake task below will retrieve the document_types where rendering_app = government-frontend from the search api. It will then generate test/wraith/wip-config-all-document-types.yaml, this is a wraith config file containing the top 10 (can be overidden with :sample_size) example pages for each type.

The yaml file contains a custom key of :document_types not used by wraith but can be used to quickly scan and see which types the search api believes government-frontend is responsible for.

bundle exec rake wraith:update_document_types[:sample_size]