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Application: govuk-attribute-service-prototype

Prototype store of user data & OIDC UserInfo endpoint



A prototype to store personal data connected with a GOV.UK account, with consents managed with OAuth tokens issued by the Account Manager.

Developer setup

If you are a GOV.UK developer you can use govuk-docker to run this app with the account manager.

For the GOV.UK Account team discovery, we are running the app alongside finder-frontend’s transition checker. Until our prototype is live you will need a branch of govuk-docker enable-account-finder-frontend, which has the required environment variables to spin up the service.

If you are on a mac, running finder-frontend will spin up a large number of apps and require many resources. Ensure you have read the installation guide about increasing system resources to docker, or you may see errors transitioning between apps.

We also maintain govuk-accounts-docker which is intended to help government services outside GOV.UK set up a development environment.