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Application: govuk-jenkinslib

Groovy library that is used by GOV.UK for Jenkins CI

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Rake tasks
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GOV.UK Jenkinslib

A library for setting up CI environments in GOV.UK.

The library will need to be loaded into a Jenkins instance before being able to use it. This will depend on Jenkins being configured to load it.

To load the library, use the library function:


To specify a different branch for testing:


Setting up CI on GOV.UK

For most Ruby projects, the following Jenkinsfile is sufficient:

#!/usr/bin/env groovy


node { govuk.buildProject() }

This will set up dependencies, run the tests and report back to GitHub.

For applications: the master branch of applications will be deployed to integration

For gems: if the version has changed, the latest version will be released to


If you need to run tests using a command other than the default rake task you can do this by specifying the overrideTestTask option:

#!/usr/bin/env groovy


node { govuk.buildProject(overrideTestTask: { stage("Run custom tests") { govuk.runRakeTask("super-special-tests") } }) }

Parameter Description Default
afterTest A closure containing commands to run after the test stage, such as report publishing
beforeTest A closure containing commands to run before the test stage, such as environment variable configuration
brakeman Whether or not to run the Brakeman security scanner true if a Rails app, otherwise false
cleanWorkspace Whether to delete the workspace at the beginning of the build false
extraParameters Provide details here of any extra parameters that can be used to configure this build. See: for details on the format and structure of these extra parameters.
extraRubyVersions Ruby versions to run the tests against in addition to the versions currently supported by all GOV.UK applications. Only applies to gems because they may be used in projects with different Ruby versions. []
gemName If publishing a Rubygem, you can specify the Gem name. Repository name
overrideTestTask A closure containing commands to run to test the project. This will run instead of the default bundle exec rake
publishingE2ETests Whether or not to run the Publishing end-to-end tests. false
skipDeployToIntegration Whether or not to skip the “Deploy to integration” stage false
yarnInstall Whether or not to install Yarn dependencies if a yarn.lock file is found true