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Application: licence-finder

Serves licence pages on GOV.UK

AWS, on the calculators_frontend machine class
Continuously deployed?
Rake tasks
Integration, Staging or ⚠️ Production ⚠️


Licence finder provides the pages that follow (which is served by frontend), specifically starting at

Local setup

To get set up with Licence Finder, first make sure you’re up to date with puppet.

Load the data into MongoDB

bundle exec rake data_import:all

Load the data into Elasticsearch

bundle exec rake search:index

Migrating your Licence data to use gds_id instead of correlation_id (This happens automatically on importing licences)

bundle exec rake licence_migrate

Running the application

Using bowler on the VM from cd /var/govuk/development/:

bowl licencefinder

If you are using the GDS development virtual machine then the application will be available on the host at

Without using the VM

Licence Finder can be run against the live Content Store and Search API, however it needs local instances of Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

You can use docker to create these:

docker run -d -p 9200:9200 -e "discovery.type=single-node" --name licence-finder-elasticsearch
docker run -d -p 27017-27019:27017-27019 --name licence-finder-mongodb mongo:latest

Import the data and start the application:

export ELASTICSEARCH_URI='http://localhost:9200/'
export MONGODB_URI='mongodb://localhost/'
bundle exec rake data_import:all
bundle exec rake search:index
./ --live

The application will be available at http://localhost:3014

Publishing to GOV.UK

  • bundle exec rake publishing_api:publish will send the licence finder pages to the publishing-api.