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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 13 Apr 2021

publishing-api: Contract testing with Pact

Publishing API uses contract testing via the Pact library to verify its API.

Pact allows the consumer of an API to make assertions about the requests it will make to that API and the response it expects back. In the case of Publishing API, all requests from other apps are made via the gds-api-adapters gem, so the pact is defined as being between gds-api-adapters and publishing-api. What this means is:

How it works

The gds-api-adapters gem, as the consumer of the pact, includes in its test suite a fake publishing-api endpoint provided by the pact gem. The tests then specify the requests the consumer will make against that endpoint, along with the data it will send for each request and the response it expects to that request.

When the tests suite is successfully run, a JSON file is output that contains the details of these requests and their expected results. This can then be replayed against the real Publishing API application to test that it behaves as expected.

How the tests run in CI

The CI environment includes an app called Pact Broker. This app records versions of pacts and supplies them on request, to allow verifying against different versions.

The gds-api-adapters Jenkins job runs the tests, then pushes the generated JSON file to the broker as branch-<branch-name> using the pact:publish:branch rake task. It then checks out the master branch of publishing-api and verifies the pact against that branch using the pact:verify:branch rake task.

In publishing-api itself, the Jenkins job runs the pact:verify rake task to verify the current branch against the master branch.

Running the pacts in development

You can use pact:verify locally to run the current branch against the master branch of pacts stored in Pact Broker. If you need to run them against a local version of gds-api-adapters, run the tests in that directory and then set the PACT_URI env variable:

PACT_URI="../gds-api-adapters/spec/pacts/gds_api_adapters-publishing_api.json" bundle exec rake pact:verify

This will cause pact to look for the pactfile in gds-api-adapters.

Making breaking changes

It is possible to get into a situation where there are mutually dependent branches of gds-api-adapters and publishing-api, neither of which will pass their tests on CI until the other is merged. In this case, it is possible to run the gds-api-adapters branch on Jenkins against a manually specified branch of publishing-api, by manually running the branch build and entering the relevant branch name as the PUBLISHING_API_BRANCH parameter. This will allow Jenkins to report a successful test run and let the branch be merged.