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Application: search-admin

Admin for GOV.UK search


#govuk-platform-health owns the application and is responsible for updating its dependencies.


The production version of this application is hosted on AWS.

SSH Access (AWS)

gds govuk connect ssh -e integration backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e staging aws/backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e production aws/backend

Run a rake task

Example pages published by search-admin


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The search-admin application manages search "best bets" and "external links" along with other search and browse data.


Search Admin

Live example

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application that manages search "best bets" and "external links" along with other search and browse data. It is behind the signon authentication system and doesn't have a public API.


Running the application


The app runs on port 3073. If you're using the dev VM it will be available at

Creating the mysql user

The database.yml for this project is checked into source control so you'll need a local user with credentials that match those in database.yml.

    mysql> create user 'search_admin'@'localhost' identified by 'search_admin';
    mysql> grant all on `search_admin\_%`.* to search_admin@localhost;
    mysql> flush privileges;

Running the test suite

bundle exec rake

Run bundle exec rake publish_external_links:publishing_api to send all external links to the publishing API.


MIT License