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Application: search-performance-explorer

Shows changes in search results for running A/B tests


#govuk-platform-health owns the application and is responsible for updating its dependencies.


The production version of this application is hosted on Heroku.


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Tools for exploring how the GOV.UK search is performing and comparing multiple implementations to each other.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application that compares the results of an A/B test.

The repository also contains some other utilities for developing and testing search.

Live version

There is a live version of this application running at

Running the web application

  • Clone this repository
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec rails s -p 3000
  • The application will now run on localhost:3000

Running the command line checks

See benchmarking search using the health check script.

Rake tasks

Run rake 'debug:explain[your search query]' to get a simplified Elasticsearch explain plan for any search query. This can be used to understand why particular results are showing up in the search results.

Running the tests

bundle exec rake