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Last updated: 29 Apr 2021

specialist-publisher: Creating a new specialist document format

To create a new specialist document you will have to make changes to this application, [govuk-content-schemas][govuk-content-schemas] and [rummager][rummager]. You will not have to make any changes to frontend applications.

Create a new specialist document format in Specialist Publisher

Create the schema

See CMA cases.

You'll need to generate your own UUIDs for it, e.g.:

$ irb
irb(main):001:0> require "securerandom"
=> true
irb(main):002:0> SecureRandom.uuid
=> "5087e8b6-ee54-40f9-b592-8c2813c7037d"

Create the model

See CMA cases

Create the view template

CMA cases

Configure rummager

Add the schema

Rummager needs a copy of a schema very similar to the one in Specialist Publisher.

See the CMA case schema, the main ES types list and the field definitions.

Tell Rummager about the format

Add a schema to govuk-content-schemas

  1. Add the format to this list
  2. Add any new field definitions to this file
  3. Add examples as instructed
  4. Follow the rest of the workflow

Deploy and publish

Once you're ready to ship your code to an environment,

  1. Deploy Specialist Publisher, Rummager, and govuk-content-schemas.
  2. Run the "Search reindex for new schema" Jenkins job. This takes around 45 minutes.
  3. Use the "Run rake task" Jenkins job to run publishing_api:publish_finders or publishing_api:publish_finder[your_format_name_based_on_the_schema_file] against the specialist publisher app on a backend machine.