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Application: whitehall

Publishes government content on GOV.UK


#govuk-platform-health owns the application and is responsible for updating its dependencies.


The production version of this application is hosted on AWS.

SSH Access (AWS)

gds govuk connect ssh -e integration whitehall_backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e staging aws/whitehall_backend
gds govuk connect ssh -e production aws/whitehall_backend

Run a rake task

Relevant manual pages

Example pages published by whitehall


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whitehall is a Ruby on Rails content management application for content published by government departments and agencies.


  • Govspeak A variation of Markdown used throughout whitehall as the general publishing format

Technical documentation

whitehall is a Ruby on Rails app built on a MySQL database. It is deployed in two modes: ‘admin’ for publishers to create and manage content and ‘frontend’ for rendering some content under and whitehall also sends most content to the publishing-api and rummager.


Running the application

$ ./

If you are using the GDS development virtual machine then the application will be available on the host at

Further setup instructions are available in the detailed setup guide.

Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rake

Other documentation

Generating technical documentation

We use YARD for the technical documentation. You can generate a local copy with:

yard server --reload

You can also read the docs on


MIT License