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AWS accounts

Access AWS Console

Accessing AWS is done via a command-line tool called the GDS CLI.

It’s a tool that’s developed and supported by Reliability Engineering, but open to anyone inside GDS to contribute to. It’s written in Go. It’s used by many teams across GDS to make daily AWS-related tasks easier.

The (private) GitHub repo is alphagov/gds-cli. There’s a comprehensive README.


  1. Install Homebrew on macOS or Linux.
  2. Run brew install alphagov/gds/gds-cli to install from the GDS Homebrew tap.
  3. Run gds config yubikey false if you type AWS MFA codes from your phone.

If you have bash-completion installed and configured, the gds-cli tab completions will work out of the box. They’re especially useful for long commands like AWS account names.

Get Your Role

Work out which list of users you’re part of in govuk-aws-data.


Web Console

If you’re new to GOV.UK and want to look around in integration:

    gds aws govuk-integration-readonly -l


👉 Deploy AWS infrastructure with Terraform

Terminal Commands

You can also chain commands, like this one to list S3 buckets in integration:

    gds aws govuk-integration-poweruser aws s3 ls
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