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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert

Asset master and slave disk space comparison

Documents uploaded to asset-master-1 by most publishing apps are copied to the asset-slave machines by two cron jobs:

  • sync-asset-manager-from-master, which runs every 10 minutes on the asset-slave machines and syncs data uploaded through asset-manager
  • rsync-uploads, which runs just once a day on the asset-master machine and copies whitehall assets to the slave machines

This means that if sync-asset-manager-from-master is running correctly and nothing large has been uploaded to whitehall, the master and slave machines should always have almost identical copies of the assets, and the disk space usage should be very similar.

A difference in the disk usage triggers the alert: “Asset master and slave are using about the same amount of disk space”.


Check that the asset-manager cron job is syncing new asset data correctly by checking the assets Grafana dashboard or graphing asset-slave-*_backend*.df-mnt-uploads.df_complex-used in Graphite or Grafana.

During working hours, disk usage should be slowly increasing as new assets are synced. A flat graph suggests that syncing is failing. Check the output of the sync-asset-manager-from-master job on the asset-slave machines.

If the disk usage is slowly increasing, the most likely cause of the alert is that a large volume of files has been uploaded to Whitehall. In this case the alert will only resolve itself when the daily sync job runs so the alert is a false alarm and can be acknowledged.

It is worth checking on asset-master-1 the /mnt/uploads/support-api/csvs directory as any reports generated against zendesk get created here, if the report is poorly constrained this can be large (>1GB). These files will be synced daily as part of the rsync-uploads task. Use ls -hltr to check if any of the recent files are particularly large.

More about Icinga alerts

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