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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert

Check Mirror Repos

This alert is triggered on a non successful build of the Mirror_Repositories CI jenkins job.

Mirroring repositories

We keep a backup of Github alphagov repos tagged ‘govuk’ on Amazon CodeCommit. These mirrored repositories are not publicly visible and can also be used to make discrete security fixes.

The mirroring process runs on CI Jenkins every 2 hours and to communicate the success or failure of the build it posts a request to the Integration Deploy Jenkins where the Check_Mirror_Repositories job will alert if the build fails for any reason.

Diagnosing problems

Checking the CI build of Mirror_Repositories will tell you if the Github repos/branches were successfully mirrored to AWS CodeCommit.

Look in the CI job console log to check the repos/branches are mirroring correctly. eg.

Checking if whitehall is up to date... updating
 x [deleted]         (none)     -> dependabot/bundler/govuk_publishing_components-12.0.1
 * [new branch]      fix-change-history-issue-with-speech-and-corporate-information-page-presenters -> fix-change-history-issue-with-speech-and-corporate-information-page-presenters
   b54f7e2..9cccc2f  master     -> master
   b54f7e2..9cccc2f  release    -> release
 * [new tag]         release_13802 -> release_13802
 * [new tag]         release_13801 -> release_13801
 * [new tag]         release_13801 -> release_13801
 * [new tag]         release_13802 -> release_13802
Checking if smart-answers is up to date... updating
Everything up-to-date
Checking if rummager is up to date... ok
Checking if calendars is up to date... ok
Checking if smokey is up to date... ok
Checking if gds-api-adapters is up to date... updating
Everything up-to-date

Also check the POST request at the end of the build is successful. (Changes to Jenkins API tokens have broken this step in the past).

More about Icinga alerts

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