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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert

Icinga alerts

Email Alert API: Unprocessed subscription contents

This means there there are subscription contents being created without emails associated with them, and implies that emails aren’t being sent out.

Icinga checks

  • warning - subscription_contents created over 10 minutes ago (or 35 minutes ago if during publishing times)
  • critical - subscription_contents created over 15 minutes ago (or 50 minutes during publishing times)

See the subscription_contents_worker for more information.

Check which subscription contents this affects

SubscriptionContent.where("subscription_contents.created_at < ?", 10.minutes.ago).where(email: nil).joins(:subscription).merge(

Check the count, then run the above query again to see if the count has decreased. If it’s decreasing, then it means that emails are going out and there’s probably a lot being processed. If it’s not decreasing the Sidekiq worker might be stuck, see the sidekiq section on how to view the Sidekiq queues.

You can also check the Email Alert API Metrics dashboard.

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