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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert
Last updated: 5 Apr 2022

Expiring API tokens in Signon

One or more tokens for API Users are about to expire. You should rotate expiring tokens to ensure the associated application keeps working.

If the tokens are New London: Trade Tariff Admin (PaaS) token for New London: Trade Tariff Backend (PaaS) see Trade Tariff Admin on the Wiki

As a working example, let’s say we have an alert like Content Publisher token for Publishing API expires in X days. In this example, the API User is Content Publisher and the application is Publishing API.

  • First login to Signon, go to API Users and click on the API User.

Check the Last synced at time to see if the API User is still using the application. If you are confident the token is unused, the you can just click the Revoke button to remove it and there’s no need to continue.

  • Click Add application token, select the application and click Create access token.
  • Copy the new token and prepare to replace it in govuk-secrets.

How to do the last step depends on the application, but it should be something like rake eyaml:edit[integration,apps], depending on the environment you’re working on.

  • Find a line like govuk::apps::content_publisher::publishing_api_bearer_token...
  • Replace the long string within GPG[xxxxxx] with the new token.
  • Make a PR with your change and once it is merged deploy the change with Puppet.

Changes to govuk-secrets do not automatically trigger a Puppet deploy. One way to work around this is to rebuild the last release in the appropriate environment. You then need to wait for Puppet to run on each of the affected machines.

  • Once puppet has been deployed you can check the new token is there by sshing into a machine and running a command such as govuk_setenv content-publisher env | grep -i TOKEN_YOU_ARE_ROTATING
  • Check the app can still access the remote application APIs with the new token.
  • Once you’re happy the new token works, you can Revoke the old one in Signon.

How to check the new token works depends on the application. One way to check the token works is to manually open a console for the application and call one of the remote APIs using gds-api-adapters.

For example, to open a console you can run

gds govuk connect -e integration app-console content-data-api

The api call could be something like"support-api"), bearer_token: ENV["SUPPORT_API_BEARER_TOKEN"])

Finally, most applications should automatically restart when Puppet updates the token on each machine, but you may need to do this manually so that it picks up the new token from the environment.