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This page describes what to do in case of an Icinga alert. For more information you could search the govuk-puppet repo for the source of the alert
Last updated: 12 Dec 2022



This alert checks that published DNS records match those defined in the govuk-dns-config repo.

The check runs as a Jenkins job. The logic of the check is defined in the govuk-dns repo.

Possible causes

  • There are unapplied changes in the govuk-dns-config repo.
  • There might be an issue with the check itself.
  • Changes might have been made manually (outside of Terraform) to the DNS records in Route53.


Check the output of the Jenkins job for information about what didn’t match, or what might have failed.

Re-run the Jenkins job. Does it produce the same result?

If the test seems to be reporting genuine differences, look for recent changes to govuk-dns-config and run a terraform plan for the affected DNS zone.