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Archive and redirect mainstream content to other pages on GOV.UK

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Sometimes there is a need to remove existing content and redirect the slug to another internal location. This can happen when content is out-of-date or when it has been superseded as a result of new content being transitioned.

This process is also known as unpublishing or withdrawing.

This is done by locating the Artefact in Publisher and clicking the Withdraw tab, which offers the option to add a path to redirect to.

There is a different procedure in Whitehall, see whitehall-unpublishing.


This is now self-service for redirects that target GOV.UK paths, it

was previously a 2nd Line task. Redirects outside of GOV.UK are rare and so should be created by 2nd Line using the following process.

HOWTO: Archive and redirect mainstream content to non-GOV.UK URLs


  • Ensure you have Signon permissions for Publisher
  • Check out the router-data repository


1) Follow the Router-data README to add new redirects 2) Commit your changes to a feature branch 3) Send a pull request with your changes 4) Archive the content in Publisher

> 1)  Access Publisher
> 2)  Search for the slug being archived
> 3)  Click the 'Withdraw' tab
> 4)  Press the red 'Withdraw' button

5) Deploy router-data (it’s important that this is the last step!)


The router-data deployment must come after archiving the content, otherwise the archiving step replaces the redirect with a gone directive in router-api and the redirect breaks. To recover from this, you can redeploy router-data.

Deploying new redirects

Instructions for deploying redirects can be found in:

  • /infrastructure/howto/redirecting-content-in-the-router

Archiving Depts and Policy content

Instructions for archiving Departments and Policy content can be found in the ‘How to publish on GOV.UK’ manual.

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