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Publish changes to the business readiness finder

If you are trying to update the content returned by the business readiness finder, see: Update content for the business readiness finder

The full journey for the business readiness finder is made up of the following content items:

  1. The start page: /business-uk-leaving-eu
  2. The Q&A: /prepare-business-uk-leaving-eu
  3. The finder: /find-eu-exit-guidance-business
  4. The email signup page: /find-eu-exit-guidance-business/email-signup

The content for the start page can be updated in Mainstream Publisher as you would any other start page.

The content item for the Q&A doesn’t actually contain any details. The titles of the questions are defined in a YAML file in finder frontend. However the body of the question, for example the options if the question is a checkbox, are read from the content item of the finder itself (content item 3 in the list). Finder frontend searches the content item for a facet “key” that matches the question, e.g. sector_business_area to find the question content.

The content item for the finder is updated from a YAML file. Any changes to this YAML file affect both the facets in the finder and the options in the Q&A.

Updating question titles

  1. Update the content of the YAML file in finder frontend
  2. Merge and deploy the changes

Updating the business readiness finder

The content item for the business readiness finder and its email signup page are published by search-api. However the actual config is read in from govuk-app-deployment-secrets.

  1. Update govuk-app-deployment-secrets
  2. Merge the changes to govuk-app-deployment-secrets
  3. Re-deploy search-api so it can pick up the changes in govuk-app-deployment-secrets

If you have made changes to the facets, you may also need to re-deploy email-alert-api and finder-frontend

  1. Run the publishing_api:publish_eu_exit_business_finder rake task in search-api to publish the changes. If the finder config has the facets defined in a separate facet_group content item and the links key in the config contains an entry of facet_group with a content id, the task is publishing_api:publish_facet_group_eu_exit_business_finder rake task:


  2. If you are making changes to the schema, you may also need to reindex elasticsearch.

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