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Updating content for the business readiness finder

The business readiness finder relies on metadata tags in rummager to filter content.

Updating content

Content is curated and added to a spreadsheet by the content team. Developer help is needed to upload the content. We do this by converting the spreadsheet into a CSV, including it in govuk-app-deplopment-secrets and then releasing rummager.

The process of converting the spreadsheet into a CSV involves removing a header row and converting windows encoded line breaks if present. There is a script to do this.

  1. Make sure the “List of documents with facets” tab is selected and download the spreadsheet as csv:


  2. cd govuk-app-deployment-secrets

  3. bin/prep_csv ~/Downloads/your-downloaded-file.csv

  4. Create a pull request and get it reviewed & merged.

  5. Re-deploy rummager and email-alert-api.

  6. Run the tag_metadata rake task in rummager to index the contents of the new CSV, it should take 2 to 3 minutes:


  7. Check the results on e.g.

These requests often come in through Zendesk and for pages that have only been created that same day, so you may only be able to check this in production.

Removing content from the business readiness finder

If your commit includes some items being removed from the content spreadsheet then you should take a note of the base_paths for these items and once you have run the tag_metadata rake task in the above instructions, you should also run destroy_metadata_for_base_paths (e.g. on staging), passing in the base_paths that need removing.

More about Business readiness finder

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