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Monitoring, Logging and Alerting

Metric Exporter

The metric-exporter metric PaaS app sends data to an AWS instance running graphite (details on the AWS EC2 console). The username and password are found in the environment variables of the app.

To install graphite on an AWS instance:

  1. Open incoming ports 80 and 8125/UDP
  2. Install docker and docker-graphite-statsd, then set the STATSD_ENDPOINT variable on metric-exporter to xx.yy.zz.dd:8125.
  3. If username and passwords are set correctly, the web interface should show that data is coming in. If not, ssh on the box and run sudo ngrep -d any -W byline port 8125.

To monitor Redis metrics, we use redis-statsd (just the script, not the container) running on the graphite instance.


We are currently in the process of switching to Prometheus as provided by Reliability Engineering. We have a folder in Grafana which you can sign in to with your GDS email. This works by the ‘dgu-prometheus’ service in PaaS scraping the /metrics endpoint for our apps.

If you wish to see which metrics are available, you can use the following command to see what a specific app publishes: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $(cf app find-data-beta --guid)"


Smoke tests

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