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Last updated: 10 Jan 2022



Pingdom monitors uptime and alerts PagerDuty when downtime is detected. Maintenace of this service forms part of #govuk-2nd-line.


Sentry monitors application errors. The Sentry pages for each app can be found on the Find and Publish app pages.

Each application sends logs to Logit. Publish and Find use the corresponding PaaS Service. Example query: source_host: "" && access.response_code: 500.

Sidekiq (Publish)

You can monitor the number of jobs in each queue using the following.

First, follow the instructions on logging into the paas

cf ssh publish-data-beta-production-worker
/tmp/lifecycle/launcher /home/vcap/app 'rails console' ''
>>> {|j, h| h[j.klass] += 1 }


Google Analytics records traffic for Find. Ask for ‘read’ access to all ‘properties’ in your request.