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Last updated: 14 Jul 2021

Set up your local machine

When you join the GOV.UK Data Labs team, you must set up your local machine and join Google groups.

Set up your local machine

To set up your local machine, follow the Get started on GOV.UK documentation.

Once you have set up your local machine by following this documentation, you should have access to GitHub and AWS. If you are a data scientist, ask in the GOV.UK Data Labs slack channel for someone to add you to the:

  • ukgovdatascience organisation in GitHub
  • govuk-integration-datascience AWS role, also known as the govuk-datascienceusers AWS IAM role

Join Google Groups

You should join various Google Groups to be able to access group emails and calendars. To join any of the Google Groups linked below, select the link, and then select Ask to join group.

All GOV.UK Data Labs members:

Data scientists:

All analysts:

Other useful Google Groups:

  • cyber monthly report - a monthly newsletter from the GDS Cyber Security team, including GitHub repositories with vulnerabilities
  • CO Coffee & Coding - the Cabinet Office Coffee and Coding group