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Development VM

Fix `Signature expired` errors

Sometimes, the time in the Development VM can go out of sync with the time in the host machine. This can cause errors similar to the following: An error occurred (SignatureDoesNotMatch) when calling the AssumeRole operation: Signature expired: 20190227T113324Z is now earlier than 20190227T113524Z (20190227T115024Z - 15 min.) error: aws s3 command failed: cp s3://govuk-development-data-test/data-extracts/index.json /home/vagrant/.cache/govuk-guix/development-data/data-extracts/

To verify if the time is out of sync, run the date command both in your host machine and in the vm. If the results are different, run the following command in the vm to fix the issue: $ sudo /usr/sbin/VBoxService --timesync-set-start

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