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Learning GOV.UK

Set up your GitHub account

  1. Set up a GitHub account.
  2. Ask somebody with access to add your GitHub username to the user monitoring system.
  3. Ask your tech lead to add you to the alphagov organisation. You will have to be added to the GOV.UK team to get access to repos & CI.
  4. Generate and register an SSH key pair for your Mac for your GitHub account (use a 4096 bit key)
  5. Import the SSH key into your keychain. Once you’ve done this, it’ll be available to the VM you’ll install in the next step.

    $ /usr/bin/ssh-add -K your-private-key
  6. Test that it all works by running ssh -T

  7. While you’re here, associate your name and email to your git commits:

    $ git config --global ""
    $ git config --global "Friendly Giraffe"
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