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GitHub Trello Poster

This app uses GitHub webhooks to be notified when a pull request is opened or changed on GitHub. When it finds a link to a Trello card in the pull request, it posts a link to that pull request to a checklist on the given card. When a pull request is merged or closed the app checks the pull request off the checklist.


This app was created by Emma Beynon as a 20% time project. It was built using Ruby and Sinatra and makes use of the Trello and GitHub APIs and GitHub webhooks. It is hosted on Government PaaS. You can find the GitHub repo here.


The credentials for the Trello account that posts to Trello cards and for PaaS can be found in govuk-secrets.

The app currently uses Emma’s GitHub personal access token.

Using GitHub Trello Poster

It’s a simple process:

  1. Add user @pullrequestposter to your team’s Trello board. It will need read and write access.
  2. Set up a webhook for your chosen repo, if it hasn’t already been done. For instructions, see the app’s GitHub repo. You can find the payload URL in govuk-secrets. Alternatively, copy how it’s set up in a repo such as Publishing API.
  3. That’s it! You should start seeing GitHub Trello Poster posting to your Trello cards once you start opening, modifying and closing pull requests.
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