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Grafana is an open-source visualisation tool. It does not store data, but consumes data sources to create real-time graphs displayed on custom dashboards. Data sources include Prometheus, Graphite, Logit and CloudWatch. The query language of the data store, such as PromQL for Prometheus, is used to construct the graphs.

Grafana dashboards

Useful Grafana dashboards:

The full list of Grafana dashboards is stored in the Puppet repo. For details on how to create a new dashboard, read the Grafana dashboards alert documentation.

Grafana tips

You can use regexes to filter for relevant information. For example, *frontend* on the processes dashboard to see all processes that have 'frontend' in them.

We often show multiple metrics on the same graph. The position of the key shows which Y-axis each metric corresponds to:

screenshot of multiple metrics selected

You can click on a metric in a graph to show only that metric, or you can CMD + click to select multiple:

screenshot of multiple metrics selected

Annotations on charts show events such as deploys:

screenshot of annotations

For more tips, see the Introduction to Grafana slides.

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