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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 5 Apr 2022

Rotate Fastly API Keys for Notify Emergency Alerts

The GOV.UK Notify team will occasionally request GOV.UK’s help rotating some Fastly API keys which they use to purge Emergency Alerts pages from the Fastly cache.

The process should be roughly:

  • Make sure you can clone Notify’s secrets repository (it’s private, so you may need to be added)
  • Sign in to Fastly using the Notify Emergency Alerts account (credentials in govuk-secrets) (private repository)
  • Visit Account / Personal API tokens in Fastly
  • Search for “GOV.UK Notify /alerts” to find the current keys
  • Click Create Token
  • Re-enter the account password
  • Name the token using the pattern GOV.UK Notify /alerts $ENVIRONMENT $YEAR
  • Choose the specific service $ENVIRONMENT GOV.UK
  • Select only purge select as the Scope
  • Select “Never expire” for the expiration

Screenshot of the Fastly user interface for configuring an API key

  • Click Create Token
  • From the notifications-credentials repository, run PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=$(pwd) pass insert credentials/fastly/${ENVIRONMENT}/api_key to encrypt the api_key for the Notify team
  • Once you’ve updated the API keys for all the environments, raise a PR like this original PR with the Notify team
  • Once the Notify team have confirmed that they have deployed the new API keys no longer need the old keys, use the Fastly user interface to delete the old keys