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Icinga is used to monitor alerts that we have set up. It can be a bit hard to navigate but there are only a few views you need to know about (listed in the left-hand navigation):

  • Unhandled Services
  • Alert History

Alternatively, you can pull these into one local dashboard by setting up Nagstamon.

Scanning alerts

  • If an alert is red or has a critical icon it is critical
  • If an alert is yellow or has a warning icon it is a warning
  • If an alert is green or has a recovery icon it has recently recovered
  • If an alert is purple or has a unknown icon Icinga cannot retrieve data for it
  • If an alert has a flapping icon the alert is coming on and off or ‘flapping’

External URLs

A service may have two additional URLs associated with it which will assist in investigating alerts. These are included in the Icinga interface with these icons:

  • Action URL (action) typically links to a graph. If the check uses Graphite for its source of data then the graph will also include the warning and critical threshold bands.
  • Notes URL (notes) links to a page in this manual describing why a given check exists and/or how to go about resolving it.

They will appear next to the service name in the service overview page or on the top-right of the page when viewing a specific service.

Digging deeper

If you want to dig a little deeper into the history of a specific alert click on it in the “Unhandled Services” view. In the top left of the main window there a few links. “View Alert Histogram For This Service” and “View Trends For This Service” are particularly useful.

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