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Manage email subscribers using email-alert-api rake tasks

The following rake tasks should be run using the Jenkins Run rake task job for ease-of-use, in which case the bundle exec rake prefix should be omitted.

Change a subscriber’s email address

$ bundle exec rake manage:change_email_address[<old email address>, <new_email_address>]

Unsubscribe a subscriber from all emails

$ bundle exec rake manage:unsubscribe_single[<email address>]

Unsubscribe a list of subscribers from all emails in bulk

Note The CSV file should contain email addresses in the first column. All other data will be ignored.

$ bundle exec rake manage:unsubscribe_bulk_from_csv[<path to CSV file>]

Move all subscribers from one list to another

This is useful for changes such as departmental name changes, where new lists are created but subscribers should continue to receive emails.

$ bundle exec rake manage:move_all_subscribers[<slug of old list>, <slug of new list>]
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