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Manage email subscribers (change email, unsubscribe, move lists)

Users can manage email subscribers via the administration interface on GOV.UK. Support tickets coming through to 2ndline where the user is unaware of this, or needs guidance, can be assigned to “2nd Line–User Support Escalation”.


This applies only to emails sent by GOV.UK. Drug safety updates are sent manually by MHRA, who manage their own service using Govdelivery. We do not have access to this.

If it is not possible for changes to be managed by the user, it is possible for changes to be made manually. The following rake tasks should be run using the Jenkins Run rake task job for ease-of-use:

Change a subscriber’s email address

⚙ Run rake task on production

Unsubscribe a subscriber from all emails

⚙ Run rake task on production

Unsubscribe a list of subscribers from all emails in bulk


The CSV file should contain email addresses in the first column. All other data will be ignored.

$ bundle exec rake manage:unsubscribe_bulk_from_csv[<path to CSV file>]

Move all subscribers from one list to another

This is useful for changes such as departmental name changes, where new lists are created but subscribers should continue to receive emails.

⚙ Run rake task on production

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