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Publish to Puppet Forge

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Logging in to the Forge

Credentials for the GDS Operations account can be found in the gds/deployment:creds/infra_team secure store.

The URL for our account is:

Checks before releasing a new or updated module

1) Ensure that all tests pass and that the project conforms to our Open Source Guidelines. 2) Choose a new version number in accordance with Semantic Versioning. 3) Add a new release entry to the CHANGELOG. 4) Update the version field in Modulefile. 5) Create a pull request with these changes.

Releasing a new or updated module

1) Build the module with bundle exec puppet module build. 2) Click Publish. 3) Submit the tarball you just built from the pkg/ directory.

Alternatively, use the puppet-blacksmith gem to push from the command line.

If publishing to the Forge was successful, create a tag on the repository:

1) Tag the release prefixed with a v, eg: git tag v0.1.2. Ensure you tag the merge commit, not the branch commit. 2) Push the commit and tag to the repo: git push --tags origin master

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