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Receiving emails from Email Alert API in integration and staging

In integration and staging Email Alert API defaults to sending emails to a single test address: This is used to simulate a successful email sending.

You can however override this for specific email addresses for testing purposes. There are two steps to this:

  1. Invite yourself as a team member to the Notify team for the appropriate environment. You can log into Notify with the courtesy-copies account which is stored in govuk-secrets under govuk-notify/govuk-email-courtesy-copies.
  2. Add your email address to the override whitelist. This is set as an environment variable via govuk-puppet. It is configured via hieradata under the key of govuk::apps::email_alert_api::email_address_override_whitelist.

Once these changes have been deployed and the environment variable EMAIL_ADDRESS_OVERRIDE_WHITELIST is populated with your address you can test that you can receive emails by running the deliver:to_test_email[] rake task.

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