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Redirect content in the Router

Sometimes there is a need to manually redirect existing URLs to another internal location, usually due to content being archived or because the slug has been changed.

There is also a regular requirement for creating short-urls (sometimes referred to as short links, FURLs or friendly URLs) on behalf of departments, usually for use with for campaign materials.



1) Follow the README to add new redirects 2) Commit your changes to a feature branch 3) Send a pull request with your changes

Deploying new redirects

Once your pull request has been accepted, use the router data job to deploy your changes to staging.

Use this opportunity on staging to also run any database migration scripts you need to run to update slugs on your data.

Once you’re happy with the changes, use the router data job to deploy your changes to production.

Note that Jenkins runs validation checks on all redirects, both when creating a pull request and when merging the branch into master. Before deploying, check that a release tag has been created, otherwise your changes will not be deployed. If there is no release tag, then the checks did not complete successfully and you should look in Jenkins to see what failed.

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