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Rotate offsite backup GPG keys

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To encrypt our offsite backups, we use GPG keys which are valid for a year. For good security practice we rotate these keys each year.

Generate a new key

  1. Pull the govuk-secrets repo.
  2. cd deployment/puppet
  3. gpg2 --batch --gen-key gpg_templates/offsite_backup_gpg_template.txt
  4. Ensure you make a copy of the password you use.
  5. Get the key ID you just generated with gpg2 --list-keys --fingerprint, and make a copy of the full fingerprint ID.
  6. Copy the output of gpg2 --export-secret-key --armor <key id>

What do I need to update?

The following files need to be updated with the new key details:

Update the govuk-puppet hieradata, updating the _: &offsite_gpg_key key with the new fingerprint value

Update the encrypted govuk-secrets repo hieradata, updating both backup::assets::backup_private_gpg_key and backup_private_gpg_key_passphrase with the relavant values.

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